6 easy ways to raise extra cash at your summer event!

We love the rehoming open days we visit during the summer! It’s always fantastic to see so many people having a fabulous time whilst raising funds for the animals that need them most.

It’s not always easy to think of new ideas to include though, so we’ve come up with a few easy options you could add to your event this year, to help you to attract people from all age groups and make your event as fun and profitable as possible!

Wii competition
If you can borrow a Wii console or similar for the day, all you need is power and a screen and you’ve got yourself a competition! For an entry fee, £1 perhaps, you can invite people to try and get the fastest lap on a game like Mario Kart. This is an excellent way of engaging older children and teenagers, and the competitive edge of it will encourage entrants to have multiple goes!

 Car cleaning
Do you have any willing volunteers who would clean the cars of your visitors while they enjoy your open day? Charge £5-£10 per car (depending on how good your cleaners are!) and you should have a constant stream of customers.

 Homemade dog treats
These are easier to make than you might think, and very cheap too. Look online for recipes – there are loads to choose from – grain-free is ideal to appeal to the biggest audience. Wrap them in cellophane with ribbons and they will look and taste amazing!

 Selling envelopes
This couldn’t be simpler… People put a pound into a numbered envelope, seal it and add their name and telephone number to a list alongside their envelope number. All the envelopes are put into a box, and at the end of the day, a winner is picked and wins half of the pound-filled envelopes in the box. The other half goes to your charity!

 Vegetable animals
Engage the little ones and creative older ones with a vegetable animal competition! All you need to do is advertise this in advance, which helps spread the word about your event, and invite people to bring along an animal made from vegetables to be judged. Charge per entry and the top three get a certificate and perhaps a small prize.

Get this one right and you can make a healthy profit alongside some very tasty food. Hire a gas barbecue or two, staff with some volunteers, and get cooking! As well as burgers and sausages, make sure you include veggie options too. Hiring a candy floss machine or similar is also a very good route to raising money with high profit margins.

Sometimes it’s the smallest ideas that make the most money, so why not try one or more of these and see how you get on?

Make sure you let us know when your open day is and we can share details on Facebook, and we’d love to see photos too – so please send them to us after the event! Get in touch at admin-rehoming@agriapet.co.uk