Agria puts older pets first this winter!

Christmas is coming early for owners of older uninsured cats, dogs and rabbits! The Agria Pet Insurance third Age Amnesty from November 13th to December 31st – when pets of any age can take up cover with a lifetime policy. Usually, providers apply a maximum age limit to new policies, but during Age Amnesty, Agria will remove this.

Just like people, older pets become more prone to a range of conditions associated with age, and the result can be hefty, ongoing vets’ bills. Without savings set aside to pay for treatment, owners without pet insurance can find themselves having to put cost before care. With the right lifetime insurance however, these situations can be avoided; enabling vets and owners to choose the best treatment options for the pet.

Bumble, the 11-year old Golden Retriever is a good example of an older pet needing sudden, unexpected treatment. She developed a lump on her side which turned out to be a splenic tumour. The costs involved with investigating, treating and providing specialist aftercare for Bumble were high, but fortunately, Bumble’s Agria policy has provided almost £7,000 towards the cost, enabling her owner to ensure she had the right treatment.

Whereas pet owners have the option to take out lifetime insurance while their pet is young enough to qualify for a policy, unfortunately for many adult animals in rescue, by the time they find their forever homes, they’re often too old to be considered. To address this, Agria’s Rehoming Scheme permanently ensures cats and dogs of all ages adopted through an Agria rehoming partner can access lifetime cover without any maximum age limit in place.

Agria’s Head of Rehoming and Charity Channel, Lorraine Tannatt Nash, says, “We’ve seen from how beneficial it is to give older rehomed animals access to lifetime insurance – often helping them to be adopted more quickly by giving their new owners greater confidence over their long-term health. It’s very exciting to open this up, once again, to owners of all uninsured older pets during our Age Amnesty, to help as many pets as possible to enjoy a long and happy retirement.”

Age Amnesty runs from 13th November to 31st December inclusive, so be quick and get your quote by calling 03330 30 83 72.

For our rehoming partners click here for instructions on how to:  Upload the Agria age amnesty banner to your Facebook and Twitter