Agria recognised with ICC Cat Friendly award

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Claire Bessant, Chief Executive at ICC presenting Simon Wheeler, Managing Director at Agria Pet Insurance with the ICC Cat Friendly Award

Agria Pet Insurance was delighted to be presented with the International Cat Care (ICC) Cat Friendly Award for their lifetime pick and mix cat insurance policies, at ICC’s annual awards ceremony at Kensington Gardens, on Friday 12th September.

ICC recognised Agria’s extensive work to promote responsible animal care by developing specialist cat-focussed insurance policies that are affordable, appropriate and relevant to cats and their owners.

Specifically, this is due to the flexible nature of Agria’s policies that allow them to be tailored to owners’ individual circumstances and budget, making crucial lifetime insurance an affordable option.

“Agria supports our work with un-owned cats, but it was their approach to owned cats which was important for this award. Agria’s products include the facility to tailor cover and match price to budget, without undermining the quality of all-important lifetime veterinary fees benefit,” says Claire Bessant, Chief Executive at International Cat Care.

“Multi-cat discounts, unique optional breeding risks cover for cat breeders and waived age-based restrictions for older rescue cats all make Agria’s insurance more accessible,” she continues.

Another aspect to Agria’s service which has supported this prestigious award is the fact that Agria is a specialist pet insurer, insuring pets only and working very closely with the veterinary sector, leading global cat welfare organisations, charities and breeders.

The company’s total focus on pets also sees their recruitment process actively seek pet-owning staff able to liaise with policyholders from a position of understanding and empathy.

By receiving the award, Agria now joins the elite group of ‘Cat Friendly’ organisations and veterinary practices whose products, services and approach to feline ‘customers’ have also been recognised by ICC.

“Everyone in the Agria team is delighted that our lifetime product has been selected for this award. We’re totally dedicated to providing owners with pet insurance that really meets their pets’ needs, helping them to lead long, healthy lives. We’re very supportive of ICC and the amazing work they do for cats worldwide; it is truly an honour to be recognised by them,” says Alastair Cook, Head of Sales and Marketing, Agria Pet Insurance.

ICC, formerly the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB) was founded in 1958 to work on projects to help stray, feral and un-owned cats. In more recent times, ICC also works extensively to support worldwide cat care organisations.

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Agria is one of the world’s leading animal insurers, specialising in small animal, equine and agricultural insurance. Founded in Sweden over 120 years ago, Agria came to the UK in 2009 and is now a prominent player in the UK pet insurance sector.  Agria UK works with vets, breeders and affiliates providing insurance for cats and dogs. Agria also administrates pet insurance schemes for the leading small animal registration bodies, The Kennel Club and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF). For more information see / /