Agria’s Mont Ventoux cycle challenge

The members of our cycling team are in final preparation to challenge themselves once again, and this time, the challenge is very big – and very mountain-shaped…

On 21st May 2016, Simon Wheeler, Lorraine Tannatt Nash, Helen Moore, Rob Heime and Darren Clarke – plus Agria friends, Lesley Gearing and Phil McKinnon, will be tackling the fearsome Mont Ventoux by bike. Extra Mile Challenge_ 2015

The challenge is designed to help raise awareness and funds for some of Agria’s rescue and rehoming partners.

While the team are used to pushing themselves to the limit, Mont Ventoux requires the next level in effort. It’s a ride of over 21km up a route that’s famously included in the Tour de France, from Bédoin to the top of Mont Ventoux.

With many sections reaching over 10% in gradient, and a reputation for being one of the toughest tests any cyclist could undertake, we’re immensely proud of our team for being brave enough to give this a go. We also hope they haven’t paid too close attention to this famous quote about Mont Ventoux:

“The Ventoux is a god of Evil, to which sacrifices must be made. It never forgives weakness and extracts an unfair tribute of suffering.

“Physically, the Ventoux is dreadful. Bald, it’s the spirit of Dry: Its makes it a damned terrain, a testing place for heroes, something like a higher hell,”

Roland Barthes, French philosopher

We’ll be following the team closely on social media and wishing them the very best of luck! Go Team Agria – we know you can do it!