Have Your Say – April


We’re really interested in your views connected with some of the issues that affect pet owners, so each month we pose a question to find out what you think. This month, we’re looking at instances of hay fever or springtime allergies and we’re asking:



Let us know what you think, and as usual, next month we’ll publish the results!

 Last month you told us…

…what you thought about the role of veterinary surgeries in socialisation. We asked:

Is it important for vets to take an active role in pet socialisation through events such as puppy parties?

76% of you voted, ‘Yes, very important. Not only is a vet well-placed to advise owners about puppy care; providing a safe, controlled venue for puppies to encounter each other is really beneficial’.

18% of votes were cast for, ‘It can be helpful. While puppy parties are helpful to some owners and their puppies, they’re not essential if the owner is committed to providing socialising opportunities elsewhere’. And just 6% voted, ‘No, it’s not important. I think they’re a bit of a gimmick and tend to be more chaotic than useful’.

This fits well with opinions that we’ve gathered from breeders on the subject. The vast majority of them agree that their role in socialisation in the early weeks is extremely important, so it’s very encouraging to see the key people involved in a puppy’s early days all regard socialisation as something that should be taken seriously.

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