For Breeders

Agria are committed to working with breeders to help ensure that puppies and kittens bred in the UK are healthy and protected with quality insurance cover. Our range of products and services are designed to safeguard both breeders and new owners. Plus, as a valued member of the Agria Breeder Club, you could benefit from a range of rewards and offers.

  • 5 Weeks Free insurance cover for each puppy or kitten that leaves for its new home
  • Optional breeding risks cover to protect both mum and her litter
  • Earn cash rewards if the new owner continues their cover onto one of our annual policies
  • Great offers for you as a member of the Agria Breeder Club

5 Weeks Free Cover

As a responsible breeder, you can activate 5 Weeks Free insurance cover on behalf of the owners of the puppies or kittens you sell; providing immediate cover for illnesses and accidents from the time of sale.

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Breeding Risks Cover

Agria’s policies have been designed to be flexible to your needs, so, if you do decide to breed from your cat or dog, you can add the optional breeding risks cover to your policy.

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Agria Breeder Club

Our breeder club welcomes cat and dog breeders in the UK. So whether you breed kittens, puppies, pedigrees or crossbreeds, our services are here to help you, your new owners and their pet…

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Breeder Rewards

If you activate 5 Weeks Free insurance with your litters, you could earn cash rewards when the new owner continues their insurance! This is just one of the great benefits of joining the Agria Breeder Club.

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