Pet Health Helpline

Round-the-clock veterinary advice.

Pet Health Helpline is a FREE service included with our breeder 4 Weeks Free Cover Notes that breeders can offer as part of their breeding service. By arranging cover for the puppies or kittens that you sell, from the moment they leave your care, the Pet Health Helpline benefit gives new owners:

    • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access to a veterinary nurse, 365 days of the year.

    • Expert advice at the end of a phone, regardless whether the problem is minor or serious.

    • The ability for new owners to make informed decisions about the health of their puppy or kitten at any time of the day or night, without consulting you or visiting a vet.

  • Reassurance that, if a vet’s visit is required, with their free 4 Weeks Cover there’s help towards the cost of any treatment.

Changing home can be a testing time for a young animal and it is common for mild illnesses to occur. With free access to professional health advice, your new owners can have instant peace of mind.

Help on the Phone


Much like health advice lines for people, our Pet Health Helpline is an immediate, round the clock source of expert help.

Whatever the time of day or night, a qualified veterinary nurse is there to take your call and talk you through any concerns. Help is just a telephone call away!

Quite often, a young animal’s symptoms do not indicate anything serious and are easily remedied at home. But sometimes urgent veterinary help is essential.

When you’re not sure, a call to the Pet Health Helpline will give you the reassurance you need to give your pet the best help.