Calling all breeders – double rewards in Jan and Feb 2015!


Since its launch in early September, Agria Breeder Club is proving a huge hit. More than 5,000 breeders have joined so far and are currently benefitting from double rewards until the end of February!

Agria Breeder Club makes it easier than ever for breeders to give every puppy and kitten they breed four weeks of free insurance, with simple access to all of Agria’s four weeks free policies, from one single online login.

This gives the choice of Kennel Club Pet Insurance, Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) Cat Insurance and Agria Pet Insurance – allowing breeders to select the most appropriate policy for all puppies and kittens, whether they are registered or unregistered.

Having experienced the reassurance of early cover, it’s hoped that new owners will choose to continue to protect their pets for the long-term by continuing their four weeks free cover to a full lifetime policy.

brShould they do so, their breeder – providing they’re a member – will receive a cash reward. Rewards accumulate in the member’s Agria Breeder Club account, which can then either be taken as cash or donated to charity. And during January and February, rewards are double!


As well as the reassurance Agria’s four weeks free policies give to new owners, they also include free access to the Pet Health Helpline. This 24/7 service gives owners immediate access to an experienced veterinary nurse in the event of any pet health concerns. Especially useful in cases where the breeder can’t be contacted, the service provides vital support to new owners as their pet settles in.



If you’re a breeder, it really does pay to join the Agria Breeder Club – especially now, while the double rewards promotion is running. We’re offering double rewards for every 4 week free cover note activated in January and February 2015 that converts into a full policy. The more you activate the more you can earn, but don’t forget, you only earn rewards when a cover note concerts into a full policy. So, it really pays to tell your new owners about the benefits of pet insurance. Whether you are breeding pedigrees or crossbreeds, great rewards are always on offer at Agria Breeder Club.

“I joined the Agria Breeder Club when it first launched to give my Shih Tzu puppies four weeks free insurance. They’re Kennel Club registered so I use Kennel Club Pet Insurance, which is now really fast to activate with my Agria Breeder Club login. I’ve always been very happy with the policies – now I can earn rewards too, it’s even better!” says Suzanne Kerée-Bartolo, Shih Tzu breeder from Kent.

“Agria Breeder Club was introduced to reward breeders for using Agria, Kennel Club and GCCF cover notes. The scheme was designed to make it as easy as possible for breeders to activate cover for all their litters – whatever their breed or type. Our insurance cover notes will allow you, the breeder, as well as your new owners to benefit from our valuable insurance protection” says Alastair Cook, Head of Sales and Marketing for Agria Pet insurance.

“We’re delighted it’s proving so popular as we see many cases where the youngest animals incur the largest veterinary bills. A four weeks free policy shields owners from such costs, and hopefully encourages them to continue to give their pet the protection of insurance as it grows up.”


Joining Agria Breeder Club is quick and easy, and if you’re not already a member, you can join now to take advantage of double rewards at:


Notes for editors:

Agria is one of the world’s leading animal insurers, specialising in small animal, equine and agricultural insurance. Founded in Sweden over 120 years ago, Agria came to the UK in 2009 and is now a prominent player in the UK pet insurance sector.  Agria UK works with vets, breeders and affiliates providing insurance for cats and dogs. Agria also administrates pet insurance schemes for the leading small animal registration bodies, The Kennel Club and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

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