‘Claimed and Shamed’ –The price of insurance fraud

Claimed-and-ShamedAgria Pet Insurance and their in-depth investigation into pet insurance fraud have secured their place as a key contributor to the latest series of BBC1’s popular documentary, ‘Claimed and Shamed’.

This is the fourth time specialist pet insurer Agria has been asked by the BBC to participate in the documentary, which highlights the prevalence of fraud across all sectors of the insurance industry, Agria specifically highlights the impact this has on pet owners, vets and breeders.

In law, fraud is defined as deliberate deception designed to secure unfair or unlawful gain. Detecting fraud is one of the reasons why insurers scrutinize claims so thoroughly because it is an unpleasant fact that the cost of fraud impacts the premiums insurers have to charge.

Agria, a leading global pet insurer with particular expertise in the veterinary sector, focuses on training all claims handlers to identify indicators of fraud and detect fraudulent claims, which helps to eliminate the problem thereby protecting policyholders’ premiums from rising.

When appropriate, Agria refers fraudulent claims to the Royal Veterinary College and IFED (Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department) and regularly contributes to a fraud round table run by a major law firm.

Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance comments, “It’s a sad reality that there are always people looking to abuse their insurance policy to make a false claim. We work extremely hard to ensure our claims handlers have the tools and the training to succeed at the challenging job of identifying these instances.

“We’re delighted that the BBC has asked us to contribute once again to Claimed and Shamed and, as ever, are grateful for the opportunity to highlight the problem of fraud in the pet insurance world.”

The episodes will be aired on 8th and 12th June 2015 at 11am.