Extra commission that’s just a click away

Do you know how easy it is to earn extra money for your rescue? Simply add Agria web banners to your site and every time a full policy’s taken out via your trackable banners, you’ll earn commission!

They’re really quick and simple to add, and take owners directly to the Agria website to help them make an informed choice about pet insurance. And, once the banners are up on your site, just let us know where to find them and we’ll enter you into our monthly prize draw to win a £100 prize for your rescue! Every month your banners are live you can enter, so the sooner they’re up the more chances you have to win!

Simply email us at admin-rehoming@agriapet.co.uk with the link to the relevant web page or pages, along with your name and contact number.

Click here to find out how easy it is to install banners on your site.