Did You Know?

Pets feel the cold too!


With the threat of snow and ice getting nearer, it’s a good time to start thinking about the impact that cold conditions might have on your pet.

Cold weather can be as hard on pets as it can on people, but pets can suffer in other ways too. By considering how they can be affected, you can help to keep them warm and safe right through the winter.

Have fun outdoors but don’t over do it

It may seem obvious but some animals are better equipped to cope with the cold. Long haired breeds like German Shepherds can cope with cold better than short haired breeds like Greyhounds. Equally, deep snow is much more challenging to cats and small dogs than to long legged animals.

If you happen to live near a pond or lake your pet may be tempted to walk on ice across its surface. However, if they should fall through the ice it can be very difficult for them to escape on their own.

Dogs and cats with health conditions can be particularly prone to illness. Conditions like diabetes and heart disease can compromise a pet’s ability to regulate its own body heat. Equally, very young and very old animals are vulnerable to the cold for the same reasons.

Cats are particularly attracted to warmth and will often find it on or under a recently driven car. Before you turn your engine on, it is worth checking beneath the car or making a lot of noise to disturb napping stowaways.

Beware antifreeze! It is highly toxic but, unfortunately, it tastes good to pets and even a small amount can kill your pet.

Coming in from the cold.

Like you, pets are attracted to warmth and can burn themselves on a fire or radiator. They can even knock a heat source over and put the entire household in danger.

Wide variations in temperature can aggravate pre-existing skin conditions and cause inflammations and flare-ups.

Check your pet’s paws. Salt and gravel are commonly used against ice and can get trapped between the pads causing discomfort and even infections.

Keep an eye on your pet’s water. Sometimes owners don’t realize that a water bowl in a cold part of the house has frozen and their pet can’t get anything to drink.

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