Have your say – February


We love to find out how you feel about some of the issues surrounding pet ownership. So, every month we pose a new question – sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted. Last month, we wanted to find out what you think about the place of pets in the home, and asked; 

“Should pets be treated as animals or as part of the family?”

From your responses, it seems that most of you have a similar opinion on this subject. In fact, 70% of you think that it should be somewhere in-between, choosing; ‘It’s best to have a balance. Treat your pets as animals, where they know you’re boss and not to sleep on the sofa, but also include them in family life.”

Taking a more relaxed approach to pets in family life are 20% of you, who voted; “Pets are part of the family, the same as everyone else. If they want to sleep on the bed – that’s fine!”

Just 10% of you feel that pets should lead more separate lives, voting; “Pets should always be treated as animals. They shouldn’t be viewed as family or live inside your home.”

Whatever your view, it’s always vital that your main consideration is the welfare of your pet. Pets have a range of social and behavioural needs that make interaction with humans an important part of their lives. If they’re permanently living outside, it’s important that these needs are met, as are their requirements for appropriate warmth, shelter, exercise and food and drink.

On the opposite end of the scale, pets that are allowed free rein to be on your bed, take the prime spot on the sofa, and generally rule the roost, will also often display behavioural problems. In dogs, this can result in unwanted aggression – so think carefully about the possible consequences of letting them feel like ‘top dog’.

This month, we want to know what you think about feeding your pet treats, and we’re asking:

Let us know what you think, and as usual, next month we’ll publish the results!

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