Case Study: Lady’s Story

The value of Agria’s pick and mix cover

Lady is a Pug who unfortunately ran into difficulties when giving birth just a few weeks ago. But luckily, when her owners took out her Agria Pet Insurance policy, they included our optional cover for Breeding Risks, and so the vet’s bill for her treatment was taken care of.

Rushed to her vet with dystocia, Lady had to undergo an emergency caesarean. But thanks to the quick actions of her owner and vet, Lady was rapidly able to recover and begin taking care of her puppies.


The claim for this treatment was just under £900, and was insured due to the inclusion of cover for Breeding Risks in Lady’s policy. The claim was sent to us and settled with her owner within just seven working days.

Working with Agria

Agria is committed to developing products and services that satisfy the changing needs of pet owners and the many organisations that support them. You and your clients will benefit from:

  • Veterinary qualified claims team
  • Fast and efficient claims process
  • Claims settled directly to the client or even to your practice
  • Locally based service team with knowledge of UK veterinary practices