Case Study: Jake’s Story

Peace of mind over future treatment


When five year old Jake, a domestic shorthair cat, vomited after eating some elastic bands, his owner took him to the vet as a precaution. But while the bands seemed to have passed through his system, on examination, the vet spotted something else.

Jake’s owner had seen him eating the four 20cm lengths of elastic, and had given him herbal laxatives at home to help. All seemed well, until Jake vomited and his owner became concerned. An x-ray revealed that although there was no evidence of a foreign body present, there were incidental findings of uroliths in his bladder and one in his urethra.


So far, treatment for Jake has consisted of a clinical diet designed to dissolve the uroliths. It’s not yet known if he’ll require further veterinary intervention, but his initial claim for over £200 was settled within six working days of receipt.


Working with Agria

Agria is committed to developing products and services that satisfy the changing needs of pet owners and the many organisations that support them. You and your clients will benefit from:

  • Veterinary qualified claims team
  • Fast and efficient claims process
  • Claims settled directly to the client or even to your practice
  • Locally based service team with knowledge of UK veterinary practices