A dog’s dinner of socks and pizza bases!

When you think of pet insurance claims, probably what comes to mind are broken bones, joint problems and skin conditions. And while these types of problems do make up a high proportion of our claims, when it comes to dogs especially, it’s often their eating habits that cause them a visit to the vet.

In fact, in just the last few months we have handled several claims from dog owners who have found their pet has brought a whole new meaning to the term ‘special diet’.


Take Bexy the five-year-old Pug. Left to her own devices for just a short while, she managed to break her way into a box full of pizza bases and eat almost all of them. Soon afterwards, her owners noticed that she had become very bloated and uncomfortable and took her to the vet. As her symptoms had the potential to become very serious, she was admitted. The next day Bexy was feeling better and sent home – but banned from pizza!

An even more unusual case was that of Arlo, the one-year-old Flat Coat Retriever. His owners knew something was wrong when he unusually went off his food and was sick several times. They took him to see his vet, and he was admitted for investigations.

X-rays of his abdomen showed an abnormal outline to his stomach, and, showing no improvement, the vet decided it would be sensible to operate and find out what the problem was. This soon became clear – he had a sock in this stomach! This was removed and shortly afterwards Arlo was back to good health.

Fortunately, both of these unusual diners had lifetime pet insurance with Agria, and so their owners could claim for their veterinary care and received settlements of £224.90 and £704.86 respectively.

Wendy Roberts, Claims Manager at Agria says, “Our pets can always take us by surprise, and most owners would never think something as innocent as a sock could cause such a large vet’s bill! That’s why it’s important to have lifetime pet insurance in place, as you just never know what might happen.”

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