85% of cats are uninsured – and the results can be very costly


ICC Calendar 2015

With the longer nights of winter presenting a greater risk of cats being injured in road accidents, Agria Pet Insurance is highlighting the fact that less than 15% of cats in the UK are insured. *

This figure compares to a much higher percentage of 35% of insured dogs, leaving 85% of cat owners entirely responsible for the costs of any accidents, illnesses or conditions requiring veterinary treatment.


This winter, Agria is committed to boosting the number of cats able to access the right veterinary treatment by encouraging owners to take out insurance with a special seasonal gift.

As well as gaining the peace of mind that lifetime cat insurance brings, cat owners taking out or renewing an Agria or GCCF cat insurance policy between 1st November 2014 and 31st January 2015 will also be treated to a year of spectacular feline art, courtesy of the stunning 2015 calendar from iCatCare.

Agria points out that without the protection of lifetime insurance, it’s not uncommon for owners to face bills of up to £500 to treat a cat with a broken leg from a car accident, or thousands of pounds over their cat’s lifetime if they were to develop a long term condition. But with lifetime insurance that reinstates veterinary fees cover every year the policy is renewed, owners can claim for one-off or long-term conditions for as long as they need to. This makes it easier, and in some cases, possible, to give their cat the veterinary treatment that’s required.

As well as being the world’s oldest pet insurer and underwriter of GCCF Pet Insurance, Agria is well known for its commitment to helping cats and dogs access the right veterinary care. This approach recently saw their lifetime cat insurance policies awarded ‘Cat Friendly’ status by charity International Cat Care (iCatCare) for being accessible to owners on all budgets.

By giving a free copy of the iCatCare calendar to their cat insurance customers in the run up to the New Year, Agria aims to help the charity raise funds and say thank you to policyholders choosing to give their cats the protection of lifetime insurance.

Created from the twelve winning images from iCatCare’s photography competition, the 2015 calendar, ‘Cats for all Seasons’, is a truly beautiful collection of entrants’ cats at their most enchanting.

Jo Vuckovic, who oversaw the running of iCatCare Photographic Competition, said:

“We are delighted with the final calendar – the quality and artistry of the 12 winning entries is simply staggering and really captures the feline spirit. It is a must for all cat lovers.”

“We are extremely proud that Agria’s cat policies are recognised as ‘Cat Friendly’ by iCatCare and are delighted that we can help with their important fundraising by providing this incredible calendar free to all our new cat policyholders in the run into the New Year,” says Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance.

To qualify for your copy of the exquisite ‘Cats for all Seasons’, simply take out a new cat policy, or renew an existing one, with Agria or GCCF Pet Insurance between 1st November 2014 and 31st January 2015. Call 0800 369 90 96 and quote ‘International Cat Care Calendar’.

*Source: ABI (Association of British Insurers) underwriter returns and Agria extrapolated penetration levels and pet populations. Figures based on an indicative cat population of approximately 8.25 million.


Notes for editors:

1. Agria is one of the world’s leading animal insurers, specialising in small animal, equine and agricultural insurance. Founded in Sweden over 120 years ago, Agria came to the UK in 2009 and is now a prominent player in the UK pet insurance sector. Agria UK works with vets, breeders and affiliates providing insurance for cats and dogs. Agria also administrates pet insurance schemes for the leading small animal registration bodies, The Kennel Club and the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).
2. For more information see: www.agriapet.co.uk / www.kcinsurance.co.uk / www.gccfinsurance.co.uk 
3. To find out more about the work of International Cat Care see: www.icatcare.org
4. iCatCare Calendar 2015