Making specialist treatment possible with cover for referrals

Agria Pet Insurance offers one of the highest levels of annual maximum veterinary fees cover available, at up to £12,500. This, combined with the fact that our lifetime policies include cover for specialist referrals means pet owners can access the right care for them, however complex the treatment.

Animal: Boxer
Sex: Male
Name: Rory
Age: 7 years


Symptoms and diagnosis
Rory’s owners noticed a lump on his ear and took him to his usual vet to have it checked. Following a couple of visits and examinations at the practice, test results came back that Rory had a mast cell tumour.

His vet referred him to a specialist vets for further investigations on the tumour, and from there, he was recommended to begin a course of chemotherapy. Rory was kept in for four days before being sent home to continue treatment at his usual practice.

The claim
We settled £590.14 to his regular vets, and a claim from the referral vets for £2,797.71. Over a five-month period, we settled £3,387.85 for Rory’s treatment. As our policies are lifetime, any further treatment Rory may require will also be covered within the terms of his policy.

Cover for specialist referrals
As well as covering the cost of the treatment, Agria Pet Insurance also includes cover for travel and accommodation costs if a pet needs to be referred to another veterinary practice. This makes it is easier for you to choose the referral practice you prefer, rather than the nearest.

Working with Agria

Agria is committed to developing products and services that satisfy the changing needs of pet owners and the many organisations that support them. You and your clients will benefit from:

  • Veterinary fees cover up to £12,500 each year
  • Veterinary qualified claims team
  • Fast and efficient claims process
  • Claims settled directly to the client or even to your practice
  • Locally based service team with knowledge of UK veterinary practices