Our Rescue Dog of the Week: Shan


We’re proud sponsors of National Pet Month! Supporting the theme, ‘Pets and the Elderly: enjoying later years together’, we’re helping some of the older rescue dogs out there have an even bigger voice and hopefully find themselves a ‘forever’ home.

Meet Shan

Agria’s Rescue Dog of the Week is Shan the German Shepherd.

She was eight years old when she found her way into the care of German Shepherd Rescue Elite, and the next chapter of her life. We’re delighted that she’s now found her forever home, as she had quite a journey getting there!

Allison Clarke from the charity tells us her story…


“We were asked to help rehome this lovely older girl back in September 2014. We assessed her and put her on our website but as she was an older German Shepherd of eight-years-old, offers were not forth coming. She was spending all day outside in the yard and only going in at night, and it was approaching winter.

In November we were contacted again by her owners to say their health and deteriorated further. They needed Shan out or they would have to have her put to sleep as they could no longer cope. We couldn’t let this happen.

We posted on our Facebook page for an urgent foster and one of our volunteers in Cornwall offered. The original assessor was so pleased we had found a place for her that he offered to drive her there from her home in Nottingham, so the Shan road trip began!

She stayed there for a few weeks before circumstances meant she had to move on to foster home number two. And it here that something dreadful happened.

Her foster mum noticed she was not herself and, luckily for Shan, acted quickly and got her to the vet. There it was found she had Pyometra, a potential killer if not dealt with straight away. The vet thought she was in good health, if a little overweight, so surgery went ahead and Shan made a full recovery. The surgery was very expensive, costing the rescue over £1,200, but thanks to our fantastic volunteers who did a sponsored walk, collected donations, sold cakes, and more, the full amount was recouped!

In December Shan was to find her forever home with a lady who had adopted from me twice before. This was just the perfect home for this girl.

Linda, Shan’s new mum, said this about her:

“Two lovely volunteers gave up their time to transport Shan to me on Christmas Eve. Shan has been amazing, taking everything in her stride, she is such a lovely well behaved girl. Zac my other Shepherd and Shan have been friends from the day she arrived. She loves fuss and enjoys meeting new friends in the park. Shan has settled in really well, it feels like l have had her longer than three months, she is such a lovely girl.”

Shan will always be a favourite of mine as she has taken everything in her stride, from spending eight years in one home with very little interaction to globetrotting around the country and doing all this with a smile on her face!”

When an older animal’s had a tough time, giving them the help they need to find a forever home for their retirement years couldn’t be more rewarding.

If you think you could a foster, or even better, a forever home to a dog like Shan, then please visit German Shepherd Rescue Elite’s website and fill in an adoption form.

If you would like to nominate a pet for ‘Rescue of the Week’ please contact rehoming@agriapet.co.uk.

Agria for charities and rehoming centres

Shan got her happy ending, but for the thousands of pets without an owner, we’re doing what we can to help rehoming organisations find them their new ‘forever’ home. We’re giving adopters 5 Weeks Free insurance followed by the reassurance of lifetime cover, whatever the pet’s age.

If you are involved in a rehoming or rescue organisation, Agria has a selection of options that can help. For more information please visit www.agriapet.co.uk/rehoming