Tips for a pet friendly Easter

This is a wonderful time of year for all the family. The children are off school, the weather is starting to warm up and there is loads of yummy chocolate about! To keep it a Happy Easter for the furry members of your family there are some things you should be aware of…

Chocolate is toxic to dogs, even a small amount could be enough to kill.  Plain chocolate and cocoa powder are the most dangerous and can cause seizures, liver damage and death.  If you suspect your dog has ingested any chocolate at all then call one of the Registered Veterinary Nurses on the Pet Health Helpline and they can help you work out if your dog has had a toxic dose of chocolate.  If your pet ingests any part of a daffodil, a bluebell or ivy then get in contact with your vet as these also can be toxic.

Lilies are poisonous to cats.  For some cats, even just being in the same room as a lily could be enough to cause a toxic reaction. The signs can range from vomiting and lethargy to drinking lots of water but not passing much urine. If there is a chance your cat has come into contact with this, as a flower in a vase or as a plant, then get in contact with your vet as soon as you can, any delay in seeking veterinary attention could result in kidney failure and even death.  More Spring time dangers are slug pellets, insecticides and anti-histamines, these can all be toxic to cats and can cause a very severe reaction.

Rabbits are delicate creatures and the tiniest amount of chocolate, bread, avocado or potato will cause severe illness, any ingestion of these foods should be treated as an emergency.

All of this sounds quite depressing but just make sure you keep the Easter Eggs and Spring time bouquets out of reach and everyone will have a Happy Easter!

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