My cat is Pregnant! What do I do? The Agria Guide.

It’s a startling fact that 78% of cat pregnancies are unplanned, a situation that leaves many owners unsure about how to best look after their cat and her litter during this unexpected time.

To reassure you of how to give their cat and her kittens the right care throughout pregnancy and kittening, Agria Pet Insurance, supported by Your Cat magazine and associated vets, has created an online guide covering what to expect and what to do.

From identifying when a cat is in heat to what to do during kittening and when to neuter afterwards, the guide offers clear, accessible, step-by-step advice to cover the entire period. Packed full of insight and practical advice from leading cat experts, each key moment in a cat’s pregnancy and birth is included to make the process as smooth and worry free as possible.

As well as highlighting health problems to look out for, the guide also advises on how to find good homes for the litter – which is one of the most important things owners can do, considering current figures show that between 130,000 and 150,000 of cats of all ages find themselves in rehoming centres.