Say hello to Patience, the therapy dog who helps kids

Today we had a very inspiring visit from our friends at Make a Special Kid Smile (MASKS) who offer dog therapy through Dogs for Good at Stocklake Park School in the form of Patience the Lab. cross Golden Retriever to special needs kids. You may remember that we raised some money for them at Bring Your Dog to Work day a couple of weeks ago and our MD Simon is riding a gruelling Alpine bike ride for them this weekend, the infamous Stelvio Pass – highest road in the Alps.

Our other visitors were Claire, Patience’ handler at Dogs for Good.and  Amanda, Marketing Manager at MASKS. They gave us a fascinating and highly interactive presentation on the benefits that Patience brings to disabled and special needs kids at Stocklake  Park School in the Vale of Aylesbury.

Me (Ed), with Patience, Kelley and Janet


Patience’ influence on children here has seen marked improvements in child behaviour. Claire informed us that Patience can reduce anxiety with her presence, she relayed a story of a potentially tense moment between two children being completely defused when Patience arrived at the scene and the children forgot all their woes. Patience’ impact can go as far as improved socialisation amongst children brought on by her ability to help kids’ emotional development. Children are required to care for her and her emotional needs, feeding, petting, playing and grooming which has a hugely positive impact on them. She also simply causes children to be happier and more engaged at school!

We are very proud to be supporting these organisations who influence the lives of children in such a positive way, keep up the good work.

We also wish Simon Luck with his ride – I bet he wishes Patience was at the Top of Stelvio to give him a hug – it could be snowing up there…

To find out more about MASKSDogs for Good andStocklake Park, click on the links.