Rabbits and their humans

Yesterday we talked about the importance of having a close, bonded pair of rabbits rather than one kept alone, but how much do rabbits value time with humans?

There’s no doubt that pet rabbits will always benefit from spending positive time with you. For rabbits that are unfortunately kept alone, having a human to become their companion will be very important to them. Even rabbits kept in pairs enjoy interaction with their owners, and the more company you can give, the more you and your rabbits will bond and enjoy being with each other.

Interaction with small children

Rabbits are animals that need to feel secure within their home environment. They are not suitable as children’s pets (although having rabbits as FAMILY pets can be great), and young children should not be allowed to handle rabbits without adult supervision.

When rabbits feel insecure they can struggle, kick and even bite. This can lead to the child being hurt and even becoming scared of the rabbits. The child might equally drop the rabbit leading to injury.

Good supervision can prevent this type of negative situation, and enable the whole family and their rabbits to enjoy a calm and happy relationship.