Old Dog New Tricks!

Age Amnesty runs until 31st December, get your quote by calling: 03330 30 83 68.

Christmas is coming early for your older, uninsured cats, dogs and rabbits with Agria Age Amnesty! It means you can insure your pets of any age with a lifetime policy. Usually, providers apply a maximum age limit to new policies, but during Age Amnesty, Agria removes this.

Just like people, older pets become more prone to a range of conditions associated with age, and the result can involve hefty, ongoing vets’ bills. Without savings set aside to pay for treatment, and without a lifetime policy, you can find yourself having to put cost before care. With the right lifetime insurance however, these situations can be avoided; enabling you and your vet to choose the best treatment options for your pet.

Bumble who is an 11 year old, Golden Retriever, who had taken advantage of the Age Amnesty last year, developed a lump on her side which turned out to be a splenic tumour. The costs involved with investigating, treating and providing specialist aftercare were high, but fortunately, Bumble’s Agria policy provided almost £7,000 towards the cost, enabling her owner to ensure she had the right treatment.

To take advantage of Agria’s Age Amnesty call: 03330 30 83 68 before the end of December to get a quote.