Age Amnesty 2017

Uninsured older pets to benefit from Agria’s third Age Amnesty

Do you have clients with older, uninsured cats and dogs? From 13th November to 31st December, Agria Pet Insurance is making lifetime insurance available to pets of any age, giving owners reassurance from the protection of pet insurance.

A significant problem with treating older pets without insurance are the limitations this can place on the treatment options that can be offered. Yet, due to the age cap most insurers place on new pet policies, once an animal has reached a certain age it becomes very difficult to obtain insurance for them – often at a time when they are likely to need it the most.

This winter’s Age Amnesty sees Agria lifting this age barrier to give owners a window of opportunity to obtain lifetime cover for their older pets and benefit from the long-term peace of mind this provides. An insured animal gives their vet greater freedom to create a treatment plan that provides the best outcome without price becoming a barrier to care.

Janet Hughes, Head of Veterinary Business at Agria, says, “We are very excited to be running our 3rd Age Amnesty. This event has proved hugely popular in the past and has enabled many much-loved older pets to benefit from insurance throughout their retirement years.”

Agria is well-known for working closely with vets to ensure that not only does their cover match the needs of pets, but that their service aligns closely with practice procedures and objectives. The insurer places great priority on maintaining strong veterinary relationships through their specialist vet team and close involvement in key issues and events– both industry-wide and their own, such as the popular Agria Vet Dinner Programme.

Age Amnesty will run from 13th November – 31st December inclusive, so make sure you let your clients know in plenty of time for them to get their quote by calling 03330 30 83 68. For further details,get in touch with your Agria Business Development Manager.