Meet Ruby the Cockapoo from Annie!

Another of our thespian customers is Ruby the Cockapoo, who starred as Sandy in a production of Annie Junior at Shaftesbury Theatre earlier this year.

Q. How did Ruby get involved? Was she already an actor?

A. Our two children, Louis and Mia, were taking part in the production and the director was looking for the canine lead role. Ruby had never acted before but is very confident and loves people so we took her along for an audition. When she got through the first round, her next task was to be relaxed on stage with the whole cast. She was in her element and clicked with the girl playing Annie and so got the part!

Q. What did her part entail?

A. Basically to be with Annie at the crucial moments of the play. This was during the songs, the part where Annie has to prove that Sandy is hers to the dog catcher, and at the end when she had to come on in a car.

Q. Did she have to rehearse much?

A. The directors tried to keep it to a minimum, but she spent a few days at the theatre so she and the children could get to grips with what she needed to do. She had an official handler at the theatre and loved it all so much she basically dragged us through the doors when she got there each time!

Q. And how did the performances go?

A. On the whole she was great and did exactly what she was meant to! We had to make sure she had no idea when we were in the audience so we didn’t put her off. She got lots of ‘Ahhs’ and a huge laugh when she decided she should sit with her back to the audience throughout the entire ‘Tomorrow’ song – the key musical number of the show!

Q. Does she have any other parts lined up?

A. Not right now, but she enjoyed the whole experience so much we will definitely look for other roles for Ruby in the future. She was also given some presents by the cast at the end, including a biscuit jar and a ball, so she knew she’d done well!