Get out with your four-legged friend and cut your risk of dementia by 30%

It’s been revealed that walking in the countryside can leave us feeling happier for several hours afterwards, and that regular exercise can cut both the risk of depression and dementia by a staggering 30%[i].


Add to this the other undeniable benefits our pets give us, from providing companionship, reducing loneliness, increasing fitness and improving social contact - as well as the positivity that comes from having a living soul there to love us unconditionally - and it’s a pretty powerful combination.


On Saturday 25th May, Agria is celebrating the wonderful partnerships that exist between dogs and humans, with the Agria Dog Walk.


Dogs, with their humans, will be uniting across Europe to raise money for the rescue that’s local to them. Countries taking part include Denmark, Finland, France, Norway, Sweden - and right here in the UK! Walks are being hosted by ten UK rescues at venues across the country, and for every single dog that’s walked, Agria will donate £5 directly to them.


Adopters who have given forever homes to dogs from some of the rescues taking part have shared their stories of just how much their pet has changed their lives:


 “We brought Jazz home just a couple of days after we were told my husband was terminally ill.  She has been here for us both, spending six hours at the Hospice with me the day that he died, and since then she's been at my side constantly. She's the reason I get up every morning. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her.” Row, adopter of Jazz.


 Jazz, adopted from German Shepherd Rescue Elite


Clare, who adopted from K9 Focus, says, “Adopting my two German Shepherds has been wonderful. They provide me with affection, entertainment, a great excuse to get out and about in the countryside, as well as a new-found social scene and an added feeling of security when my husband is away. They’ve also taught my children how to care and respect for animals and see that, in return, they receive unconditional love and comfort, with no judgement, when they are upset. They are a huge part of my family.” Clare, adopter of Arthur and Jessica.



“Dede is an ex-puppy farm dog who had sadly spent her early years having numerous litters. As a result, she needed three operations to get back to good health. At the start of our journey with Dede, we felt we were doing the good deed by adopting a dog that needed a home. In reality, Dede was the one offering the good deed, by coming into our lives and showing us what unconditional love means.” James, adopter of Dede.


Without the incredible care and hard work carried out by the dedicated teams at rehoming organisations, dogs like Dede, Jessica, Arthur and Jazz would never have had the opportunity to make such an impact on the lives of their adopters.


Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, commented: “We are delighted that Agria, one of our partners, has organised this wonderful Europe-wide fundraising event to support charities which help animals who need it most, many of which are Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations.


“Kennel Club Breed Rescue organisations do such fantastic work with thousands of dogs being rehomed each year. We hope the event will raise much-needed funds for those four-legged friends who have so much love to give but are still waiting to find their forever home, and the organisations who make this happen.”


[1] Source: 2019 study