Agria Breeder Club Member Becomes Viral Sensation!

Liam Beach’s amazing photo has gone viral! Well, it's not surprising that this incredible shot has become an internet sensation and a huge hit in the local press. Here’s what the Agria Breeder Member said about how a challenge from a friend has made the news across the country...


“It all started with me sending over a picture on the Dachshund UK Forum to be used as a cover photo, where the picture with the most likes gets to be the cover picture for that month. My friend, Catherine Jeremiah, then said, "I bet you couldn't get all 16 on the stairs..." And that was it - challenge accepted!” said Liam.


“Within eight minutes I had all 16 poised, positioned and ready! Two minutes later I’d taken the photo and sent it on to show that I’d completed the challenge!”


Liam, a young man from the Valleys of South Wales, left most people stunned as to how he managed to capture a photo of all 16 dogs perfectly, without any training or professional help! In the picture, six of the dogs were bred by Liam, and he’s delighted that he has qualified all of them for Crufts 2020!



(From top left down), Daisy, Lottie, Dudley, Wally, Diamond, Ruby, Benji, Buster, Bonnie, Ziggy, Sammy, Kizzy, KiKi, Zac, Duke and Saphie.


Liam was introduced to the dog world; showing, judging and breeding by his uncle, Championship show judge and breeder of champion dogs, Mr Garry Mason. Liam also has a keen interest in judging, at present at open show level, although he is keen to learn and develop onto championship shows. He has just finished college doing an Animal Management course and has aspirations of setting up a dog grooming business in the future.


Liam says, “I take my responsibility as a breeder seriously, and enjoying breeding fit for function dogs that are able to do the job they were originally bred for. All my dogs have fantastic temperaments and, as you can see from the photos, are well behaved…. most of the time! They do have their moments like any dog!"


Member of the Agria Breeder Club, Liam, says, “Protection is important, but the health and well-being of my litters are my main concerns. With an Agria or KC 5WF policy, I trust that they will deliver and provide each of my pups with the best cover out there for them to start off with in their new homes.”