Agria Life - now with seamless Teleos integration

Since its launch in 2018, Agria Life has gone from strength to strength. Our free to join membership programme is designed to increase support to veterinary practices; boosting client footfall and loyalty to keep pets, and practice growth, healthy.

Agria Life simplifies how vet practices can offer clients 5 Weeks Free pet insurance by offering both regulated and non-regulated options. Over 1,200 hours of CPD modules are also available through our training platform, Agria Vet Academy, and now, Agria Life has evolved even further with PMS integration.

Teleos and Vet-One practices partnered with Agria can now access 5 Weeks Free Agria Pet Insurance cover directly from within a client’s veterinary record. An automatic prompt asks if the client would like a policy, followed by one-click to arrange all-important instant cover for puppies and kittens aged from 8 weeks to 18-months-old.

This fast and intuitive integration gives our vet partners live visibility of a pet’s full policy details, including benefits, excesses and claims history - a level of transparency that can save significant time and adds clarity over treatment options.

Nick White, Head of Veterinary Channel at Agria Pet Insurance, says, “Agria Life gives practices extensive support and the tangible benefits from insurance and veterinary care working effectively together. Now that we’ve added integration with Vet-One and Teleos, the links are seamless – saving time, eliminating admin and increasing the number of clients with insured animals.”

Early reports from practices using the integration are good, with experiences of greater compliance, more engaged owners and a greater number of pets covered with lifetime pet insurance. Practices with an Appointed Representative status, a regulated partnership with Agria, can activate 5 Weeks Free policies themselves directly from their PMS:

“It takes only seconds to activate a policy, with the details added to the client’s record automatically. Staff seem more willing, even during busy periods, to activate 5 weeks free as it is no hassle at all.” Wrekin View Veterinary Practice.

“The immediate cover that 5 weeks free insurance from Agria provides is valuable peace of mind for our clients. Now it’s even easier and faster to arrange as it’s all done through the pet’s record in Teleos, so no more going into another system - which our staff are really pleased with,” says Teleos user, Tom Fitzsimons, Garden Lodge Veterinary Clinic.