Dumped kittens find their forever homes at Catfest

Catfest 2019 was a phenomenal success; in many different ways. Achieving a serious level of cool in 34-degree heat absolutely gave Glastonbury a run for its money, a stunning venue, wall-to-wall vegan street food, a hip, young, cat-obsessed crowd and more cat-related products than we have ever seen.

Most importantly, the message of Catfest was serious, and this came across loud and clear in the series of talks held at the beautiful Beckenham Place Mansion – covering topics such as feline behavior, big-cat extinction and cat over-population in developing countries.

The team at Agria Pet Insurance was so thrilled to have the chance to sponsor the ‘Meow Parlour’; a gorgeous ballroom in the mansion that, for the day, was home to kittens and young cats looking for their forever homes. Many of these cats had come from a rubbish tip in Morocco; rescued by charity ERHAM and brought to the UK by photojournalist and founder, Anne Heslop.

By the end of the event, 12 of these kittens were closer to having found a place to call home, with owners signed-up to be home-checked and approved. Homes for five more have since almost certainly been found, too.

Anne says, “When I think of the amazing 1800-mile journey the kittens made from Morocco to Catfest in London to find secure homes, I feel incredibly lucky and appreciative for all the help and support we received along the way. For these little kittens, this journey means life, and that makes every struggle, every hardship, and every penny spent worthwhile because their lives are priceless. Thank you Agria Pet Insurance for making this trip possible.”  

"It was a fantastic day,” says journalist and founder of Catfest Britt Collins. “The second sell-out edition of Catfest — arriving at the fabulous Beckenham Place Mansion on a scorching-summer day and drawing cat lovers from around the world — has become even more far-reaching and impactful. International artists donated their work for the art show to sterilise street cats and dogs in the poorest communities in Albania. And with the support of Agria Pet Insurance, we were excited to bring over a few fortunate Moroccan kittens, who would’ve otherwise perished, to start new lives.”

Tom Vaughan, Head of Marketing at Agria, says, “Catfest was an incredible event with a completely ethical focus and packed with interesting people, hugely passionate about cats. We were really pleased to sponsor the Meow Parlour and add Agria’s support to the critical work of ERHAM. It’s such great news that 12 abandoned cats found their forever homes at Catfest; a wonderful testament to the hard work and dedication of Anne, Britt, and everyone else involved.”

Catfest is set to return for 2020 – tickets sell out very fast, so don’t miss your chance to be a part of this sensation feline festival! Keep an eye on catfestlondon.com for details.