Agria sponsors Meow Parlour at Catfest

Agria to highlight the need to adopt at Catfest

We are delighted to sponsor the Meow Parlour at Catfest 2019!

The London-based festival showcases all that is fabulous about cats, with talks from renowned writers and animal experts, cat films and books, stylish cat-related products, an art show, live music and much more.

And while embracing everything that’s wonderfully cat, the festival also highlights the very serious and devastating plight of vulnerable street animals and abandoned kittens in Morocco and Albania, and the benefits of giving rescue cats a home.

In the festival’s Meow Parlour Adoption Lounge, cat lovers and potential adopters can find out all about rehoming rescue cats, and just how important it is to give a cat without a place to call home, a place in their heart. The lounge is brought to the festival by beneficiary charities ERHAM and International Trash Cat and Dumpster Dog Initiative.

Agria works with rescues across the UK to provide free pet insurance for hundreds of adopted cats each year. Janet Hughes, Director of Partner Engagement and Strategy at Agria, says,

Through our work with animal rescue we hear so many stories of the hugely positive difference cats make to the lives of their new families, and we passionately believe every cat deserves the happy, healthy and fun-filled life it was born to live.”

The Meow Parlour will be rehoming kittens, that have been rescued by ERHAM after being abandoned in Morocco, to pre-screened owners. Erham in Arabic means 'take pity' or 'show compassion'. The charity was established in 2014 and aims to stop the suffering of street cats in the area.

Janet continues, “Agria is proud to support Catfest and help draw attention to cats that need our help. It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate these incredible animals that definitely deserve a festival all of their own.”

If you're visiting Catfest, do pop over and see us; we would love to have a chat with you about your pets and will have some great show offers available too!