Companionship for older dogs

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Grooming and massage

Most dogs enjoy the touch of their owner and that social contact may produce additional neurotransmitters in the dogs brain that gives them pleasure and contentment. However older dogs can have aches and pains that we may not realise – and if their hearing and sight is fading, sudden unexpected touches can be startling instead of enjoyable. Gentle grooming and massage can enhance the life of your elderly dog – but make sure they always see you coming and that focus your attentions on the areas you know they enjoy being touched.



As your dog gets older, their world may well shrink down a little. They’ll be having less exercise and be less active. Activities like agility or just long country walks will be reduced and they may well spend more time at home. This means that you become far more important to them and your companionship is needed much more. It’s this closeness that has developed through your years together that makes living with an older dog such a joy – but never forget how much you mean to your dog.

Article written by Agria's Behaviourist and Trainer, Carolyn Menteith as part of a series surrounding caring for senior pets.