We’re one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™!

Working with colleagues that care about one another and the company’s welcoming feel have been highlighted as just some of the reasons why Agria Pet Insurance has been ranked as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™!

This is the very first time the annual rankings by Great Places to Work® has listed a pet insurance company among the top companies in the UK – and we are absolutely thrilled! Especially as it's our very first time of taking part in the process! 

The confidential Great Places to Work® survey assesses employee experiences and the HR and leadership practices that create the workplace culture. For us here at Agria, this was described as passionate, fun, and with a family-feel.

We scored particularly highly for exceptional feelings of trust and a highly-engaged workforce – where people are treated well and work well together – placing us on this prestigious list as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™.

93% of our pet-loving team find Agria a friendly place to work, with 92% feeling that people care about each other and 90% reporting a family feeling at work.

Caring for pets and their owners is something we're all really passionate about, mainly because we're almost all pet owners. From sheep to horses, cats, rabbits, dogs & more, having pets as part of our own families means that we understand what it's like to worry about them and want the best for them. 

"Our focus on pets and fun is pretty unique. We genuinely exist to save pet's lives, which is pretty amazing. "

We all have a lot in common, and always a lot to talk about! A consistent theme in our survey results was the family feel - across all levels of the business.

"It really does feel like a family working here, such a great team”, “A fun and friendly organisation with an approachable senior management team", "We feel like a family ", "Senior management are extremely visible and very approachable. They genuinely care about their employees."

We know life isn't always easy, so considering what's going on outside of work is very important so we can be there to support anyone going through a tough time. 

"We are a very close team and any issues in our personal lives or with our family or pets are dealt with very sympathetically, making individuals feel valued personally, not just as employees."

Simon Wheeler has been Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance for seven years. He comments:

"Following some really positive internal feedback from our annual staff survey in the autumn, we still wanted to go further to improve certain areas of the business. Taking part in the Great Places to Work® survey would enable us to benchmark ourselves against best in class, peer organisations to overtly identify and address our development areas. This, in collaboration with Great Places to Work®resources, would make Agria an even better place to work … swiftly and effectively.

“The fact that, in our first year working with GPTW, this process has seen us recognised as a ‘UK Best Workplace™’ is a phenomenal achievement and testament to the absolutely awesome Agria team!

 We scored highly across a range of questions posed by Great Places to Work®, contributing to our position within the listing:

  • 93% of colleagues believe this is friendly place to work
  • 95% of colleagues are made to feel welcome when they join the company
  • 92% of colleagues feel that people care about each other here
  • 92% of colleagues feel that our facilities contribute to a good work environment
  • 90% of colleagues feel there is a “family” or “team” feeling here
  • 90% of colleagues feel that we celebrate special events around here
  • 89% of colleagues are proud to tell others they work here
  • 88% of colleagues feel a sense of pride of what we accomplish
  • 85% of colleagues believe this is a great place to work

 Congratulations to the whole team! We couldn’t have done this without every one of us!