Is my cat happy?

You love your cat, so you will naturally want them to feel happy and that they have a lovely life. Hearing your happy cat purr, keeping them stress-free and enjoying life to the full is really important.

So rather than waiting until you see problems, the best thing is to try and prevent them in the first place.

How to keep your cat happy

The secret to keeping cats happy and stress-free is to make sure they have everything they need to stay healthy.

  • Good food
  • A constant supply of fresh water
  • Secure, comfortable sleeping places
  • Access to the outside, or to an appropriate and private litter tray
  • Veterinary treatment when they need it

Preventing stress in your cat

Cats have a great need to feel safe – this is one of the most important things for them to feel happy.

  • Can your cat get to its food, water and litter tray without having to worry about dogs hassling them, children who might handle them roughly, or other stresses?
  • Are there ways they can escape from anything in the house that’s stressing them – perhaps through a stairgate that prevents children or dogs from following them?
  • Are there places they can sleep undisturbed?

 More than one cat? 

  • Do they have a space to get away from any other cats in the household if needed?
  • If you have a multi-cat household, you’ll need separate available sleeping areas, feeding stations, water bowls and litter trays.
  •  Some cats will share, especially with litter mates, but for many this can be a real source of stress.

Cat behaviour

Cats need to hunt and to chase – it’s an important part of natural cat behaviour - so they love to have access to the outdoors. Toys that simulate hunting are brilliant for cats when spending time indoors, and they will love to play games with you to encourage this. It’s no fun hunting something that doesn’t move!

Cats also need an area where they can climb and jump (without being told off!) for claw maintenance and sharpening.

And do they get time with you – to be social, just to sit on your lap and purr?

Look at life from the cat’s point of view, and look at things that might make them feel unsafe, and work to reduce those.

If you follow the above guidance, then you can be pretty sure your happy cat is living the purr-fect life!

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