Planting 1,000 trees with Trees for Cities

We are very excited that our move to ‘Go Green’ kicked off earlier this year with the first of 1,000 ‘Agria’ trees being planted!

As a business, we’re committed to reducing our ‘carbon pawprint’ and our partnership with charity Trees for Cities is a major part of our move towards this.

Climate change has caused an increase in pests and disease affecting our native trees, which, in the UK, has led to an unprecedented threat to some our iconic species, including ash, horse chestnut and oak.

By planting thousands of urban trees in the UK and in developing countries each year, Trees for Cities is enhancing structural and functional diversity in woodlands and on city streets. Last year alone, they planted over 200,000 trees.

Rory Field, Corporate Partnerships Director at Trees for Cities, says, “We are thrilled to be working with Agria Pet Insurance and to be planting 1,000 trees in their name in 2020. We strongly believe that what’s right for the environment and what’s right for business should go hand in hand.

“Agria Pet Insurance is demonstrating that they have their finger on the pulse by incorporating sustainability into their business plan and, as such, are a great fit for us as an environmental charity.” 

Tom Vaughan, Head of Marketing at Agria Pet Insurance, says, “It’s very exciting to be part of an initiative that’s making a tangible difference to both the environment and the communities where trees are being planted.

“Trees for Cities’ positive impact environmentally and in terms of the well-being of communities benefitting from enhanced natural spaces is incredible, and something we’re extremely proud to support.”

The remainder of the 1,000 trees planned for 2020 will be planted during the autumn planting season.

In addition to planting 1,000 trees in areas of the UK that need them most, we are also moving away from our use of paper by introducing electronic communications with our policyholders during 2020. We hope that as many of our policyholders as possible move to Go Green to support Agria’s philosophy of creating harmony between People, Planet and Pets.

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