Phone vet advice for chocolate-loving dog

During this phase of the COVID-19 outbreak, our policyholders are finding that having access to the 24/7 Pet Health Helpline is proving really useful.

Following last night's Prime Minister’s briefing, veterinary practices are advised to 'reduce face-to-face contact immediately, switching to providing emergency care only, fulfilment of urgent prescriptions and maintaining the food supply chain.' (British Veterinary Association - BVA )

If it's an emergency & you need to see your vet, please call them first. Despite these unusual times, we're operating as usual and are here for you and your pets, and any claims you might have.

For non-urgent advice, if you have a policy with Agria Pet Insurance, you can make use of the free Pet Health Helpline – a 24/7 phone line which puts you in touch with a veterinary-trained professional for any queries or concerns over your pet. You can reach Pet Health Helpline on 03333 321 947.

They recently helped out Dotty - who found some chocolate...

Mrs Johnson called Pet Health Helpline because her dog, Dotty, had eaten some chocolate. Having read many sources online saying that chocolate was poisonous to dogs, she was quite rightly worried about what to do.

The Registered Veterinary Nurse who answered the call took her details and asked a series of triage questions to check Dotty’s current condition. Using a careful calculation, the nurse was able to give Mrs Johnson the good news that Dotty hadn’t eaten enough chocolate for it to become toxic. Mrs Johnson was delighted that the vet nurse was able to help while she was unable to get to her practice. And Dotty? Well, she was still pretty excited about the chocolate, but relieved she could cuddle up and forget all about it!