Health query over your pet? The Pet Health Helpline is here, 24/7

If you have a policy with Agria Pet Insurance, you can use the free Pet Health Helpline any time you have a non-urgent health query about your pet. The 24/7 phoneline puts you in touch with a veterinary-trained professional at any time of the day or night - so whether you want to know more about worming or are unsure if you need to see a vet - they are always there to help, advise and reassure.

They recently helped out Pip, who had an upset tummy...

When Mrs White called the Pet Health Helpline, she was worried about Pip, her young Labrador. Pip had suffered from severe diarrhoea for 36 hours, and Mrs White was naturally concerned that something serious could be wrong. 

After running through a series of questions, Charlotte, the vet nurse, was able to establish that Pip was unlikely to have eaten anything she shouldn’t have. Next, she asked Mrs White to perform a couple of physical checks on her.  

She guided her to test how quickly the scruff of Pip’s neck returned to place, and also to touch her gums to see if they felt wet or sticky. Increasingly reassured by the checks, Mrs White also commented that Pip was drinking more than usual.

Charlotte explained that all of these were very good signs, and since Pip hadn’t been vomiting, suggested that she simply needed a bland diet for the next three days.

She talked through her recommendations and emphasised that Mrs White should call back if she had any further concerns over Pip, although she was confident all would be well.

And Mrs White, who described the advice as ‘brilliant’, was clearly relieved that Pip’s prognosis was good - although she was sorry she’d have to miss her bedtime treats for a few days!

If it's an emergency don't delay - always contact your vet directly. 

If you have an Agria Pet Insurance policy, you can access the free Pet Health Helpline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The veterinary-trained team will advise on any concerns or queries that you may have over your pet’s health – much like the NHS 111 service for people. Call free on 03333 32 19 47.