Happy World Bee Day!

Did you know that it takes the nectar from up to an incredible 2 million flowers to make just 500g of honey?

And did you know that we depend on pollination from bees for a third of the foods we eat?

However, a shortage of pollen is one of the most significant problems for bees, with the average colony requiring up to 30kgs of pollen per year; the equivalent weight of TWO large bags of dog food.

Bees mean the world to us, and that’s why at Agria Pet Insurance we’re really passionate about helping them via the British Bee Veterinary Association (BBVA).

For several years, we have supported the Bee-Friendly Practice initiative which encourages veterinary practices to extend their creature care beyond the clinic door – by planting bee friendly plots, window boxes or containers to provide extra food for bees.

Many vets have become Bee-Friendly, and as well as delighting their clients with their lovely planting, are also encouraging them to join in – together making a real difference to the survival of these top pollinators!

President of the BBVA, John Hill, whose wife, Susie, works on the Agria Vet Team, says; “Agria Pet Insurance is continuing to give great support to the BBVA in our campaign to help practices become ‘Bee Friendly’. Bees are very much in the public’s awareness and there is such momentum in wanting to help them in whatever way they can. We want to continue to help spread the message that bees need flowers for food and habitat to survive.”

What can you do to help the bees in your local area? If you're looking for inspiration for your garden, visit: www.gardenersworld.com/plants/plants-for-bees/