Boris’ popularity up 350% – when it comes to dogs’ names!

Now that Boris Johnson has relaxed the rules giving us more time out and about, it’s likely that while we’re enjoying more exercise, we’ll hear his name more, too.

We have seen a significant rise in puppies named Boris since the news broke that Boris Johnson was diagnosed with COVID-19. And, as our Prime Minister became progressively ill, and the numbers of cases in the UK continued to rise, so has the popularity of the name among the nation’s puppies.

In fact, compared with the same period last year, there has been a 350% increase in dogs being insured with Agria Pet Insurance named Boris!

Fittingly, to tie in with Boris Johnson’s ‘bulldog spirit’, the top dogs to be named in his honour were Bulldogs. Boxers, Labradors and Jack Russells were some of the other top breeds insured with us to follow the trend.

A kitten called ‘Corona’ and several dogs named ‘Covi’ have also appeared for the first time.

Tom Vaughan, Head of Marketing, says, “Changes in the popularity of the names of the nation’s dogs is always fascinating. Seeing so many little Boris’ registered with us recently, as well as the breeds that are most likely to be named after the Prime Minister, is a great marker of the impact of this time.”

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