Raise money for your local rescue with the Agria Virtual Dog and Cat Show!

Are you missing the fun and excitement of dog and cat shows? Well, don't worry! The Agria Virtual Dog and Cat Show is the very next best thing!

The Agria Virtual Dog and Cat Show is a fun, online event designed to give pets their time to shine while raising money for local rescues. And all without leaving home!

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Judged by a panel of esteemed experts, the Agria Virtual Dog and Cat Show features a range of classes to suit every pet. Simply pick the class or classes you'd like to enter, nominate and donate to an animal rescue, and share your entry photos on Facebook!

The winner of each class will win a prize from the Agria shop, and the rescue that was nominated by them will win £50!

The Agria Virtual Dog and Cat Show 

 Classes - each class will feature a dog and cat section

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1. Most beautiful eyes - judged by Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance

2. Cat or Dog most like their owner - judged by Janet Hughes, Director of Partner Engagement and Strategy, Agria Pet Insurance

3. Best Rescue Pedigree - judged by Sarah White, Breeder Channel Manager, Agria Pet Insurance

4. Most adorable vintage - judged by Carolyn Menteith, Training and Behaviour Advisor, Agria Pet Insurance

5. Most inappropriate pose - judged Robin Hargreaves, Senior Veterinary Advisor, Agria Pet Insurance

6. Rainbow Bridge, for the pets we've loved and lost - judged by Mark Abraham, founder of PupAid and Lucy's Law


Entries open: Friday 29 May

Entries close: Wednesday 10 June

Judging and winners announced: Friday 12 June


How to enter:

1. Choose which class/ classes you'd like to enter 

2. Take some great shots of your pet - or dig out some memorable ones!

3. Post them on the Virtual Pet Show post on Facebook. You must include: the name of the class you're entering, your pet's name, and the name of the rescue you would like to win £50 if you win!

4. We'd also love you to donate to your local rescue to help them raise some funds at a time they most depserately need them. Our suggested donation is a minimum of £2 per class entered


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About our judges!

Simon Wheeler

Simon is Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance. He's also the company daredevil - leading all of our sporting events, from cycling to abseiling and is a very keen skier and diver - he's basically exhausting! Simon's also a big animal lover having been a dog owner for many years, and with horses at home.

Janet Hughes

Janet is our Director of Partner Engagement and Strategy. Also one of our sporting heros with various triathalons and cycling challenges under her belt, Janet's real passsion is her many animals. As well as dogs, cats and a horse, Janet is the proud owner of a gorgeous flock of sheep!

Sarah White

Sarah is Breeder Channel Manager at Agria. Growing up in the valleys of South Wales, Sarah had horses, ducks, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, dogs, cats and even a goat! She has been involved with breeding dogs all her life and is part of the Mischran kennels, breeding her favourite breed, Borzois, alongside her parents. 

Carolyn Menteith

Carolyn is an accredited trainer and behaviourist specialising in companion dogs, puppies and rescue dogs. She is also Agria's Trainer and Behaviour Advisor. With over 20 years experience, Carolyn's passion is helping people to have the relationship with their pet they have always wanted. 

Robin Hargreaves

Robin has spent over thirty years in the veterinary industry. He is the director of a busy independent veterinary practice in Lancashire and is Agria's Senior Veterinary Advisor. In addition to his extensive clinical and industry experience, Robin is passionate about animal welfare and the proven social benefits of pet ownership.

Marc Abraham

Marc Abraham is a practicing Veterinary Surgeon, Broadcaster, Author, and Animal Welfare Campaigner. He campaigns extensively for animal welfare issues; including promoting rescue pet adoption and responsible breeding, and actively advocating to stop the puppy farming industry. He founded PupAid and led the campaign for 'Lucy's Law' to be passed into English legislation.

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