Agria – the UK’s first carbon neutral pet insurer!

Agria Pet Insurance has become the UK’s first carbon neutral pet insurer - find out more about some of the changes we've made and some of the incredible projects we're supporting

Having worked towards the goal for the past three years, we have now achieved official carbon neutral status!

Significant and widespread reductions in our carbon footprint have made this possible, together with investment in globally registered clean water and conservation projects, of significant environmental importance.

Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance, says, “Becoming carbon neutral is a significant moment for us. Agria has cared for pets since 1890, so it’s important that we take just as much care of the world we share together. Our incredible Sustainability Team have worked hard and with great passion to help us to become the UK’s first carbon neutral pet insurer, and it’s so inspiring that our customers have been on board too, playing an invaluable part in the process. We’re delighted to have received official certification and are very excited about the future and the great plans we have to continue making a difference.”

Janet Hughes, our Director of Partner Engagement and Strategy has led the our sustainability drive over the past few years. She says, “Starting with staff engagement, we have consistently built on our plans to be the most sustainable we can be.

“From humble beginnings of simple, but effective, solutions – from recycling bins to replacing kettles with hot water taps, we have moved onto greater impact projects which have involved the whole Agria team and our incredible customers, too.

“More than 80 percent of our customers now have a paperless policy, generating savings, to date, of over 1.5 million sheets of paper - and counting. We planted 1,000 Agria trees through our partnership with Trees for Cities, as well as hundreds more, together with our sustainability consultants, Eco Offset Ltd.

“We have now invested in key international projects to not only mitigate and reduce CO2e emissions, but to also have a real impact on the local communities supporting them. Certified by Gold Standard and Verra, our projects are providing clean water in Laos, funding peatland restoration and conservation Indonesia, and protecting biodiversity with the preservation of an environmentally critical area of the Amazon. We are over the moon that every step that our team and our customers have taken has resulted in us becoming the UK’s first carbon neutral pet insurer.”


One of the projects that we're really proud to support is the Katingan Mentaya Project in Indonesia - click here to find out more.

'At 149,800 hectares, the project protects one of the largest remaining areas of intact peat swamp forest in South-East Asia. It is a key biodiversity area due to its globally significant populations of orangutans, Southern Bornean gibbons and proboscis monkeys.

5-10% of the global population of the Bornean Orangutan call this project their home!

Another project we are supporting is Tambopata in Peru. This region of the Amazon registers the highest biodiversity indexes in the country, and this project proposes to reduce the pressure to change land use, creating an economic buffer zone around a forest about the size of Los Angeles. By helping local farmers with the transition to sustainble cocoa production, degraded land is being restored and deforestation pressures relieved. This creates a barrier to protect the rainforest and provides people with a forest-friendly and sustainable livelihood.

The third project we are supporting is for clean water for families in Laos. Here, over 80% of households must boil their water to make it safe to drink. Despite this boiling precaution, preventable illness from drinking contaminated water is still a leading cause of death for children under five. But with a water filter at home, families can produce their own safe water ever day. And by reducing the need for boiling, families in need to collect less wood and fossil fuels, reducing smoke in their kitchens and protecting Laos' beautiful forests from further deforestation.