Mamma Mia! Our inspirational Swedish connection

Did you know that Agria began in Sweden right back in 1890?

As well as protecting pets for longer than any other pet insurer, Agria has always cared passionately about the world that we share with the animals we love.

And our Swedish heritage has been a great influence to us along on our sustainable journey, here at Agria Pet Insurance in the UK!

We’re not talking about our (obvious) love for Abba, IKEA and Spotify, but how could we not be inspired by Sweden’s position as the most sustainable country in the world? A title the country has proudly held since 2015.  

Sweden’s own Greta Thunberg said, ‘You are never too small to make a difference’ – and we have applied that to all of the small, but significant changes we’ve made to how we do things here in the UK. 

It all adds up! And these changes, together with those that you, our incredible pet parents have made possible, are leading us towards becoming carbon neutral later this month!

We'll be the first pet insurer to achieve this, and we're really proud to be doing so! Thank you so much for making this possible.