Six steps on our sustainability journey

Doing all we can to preserve our planet so that we can enjoy it, alongside our pets, is central to what we do at Agria

Since 2018, we have been making some changes to reduce the impact that our business has on the environment. And we have more to come as we head towards becoming carbon neutral later in 2021!

Here's some of our progress to-date:

🌳 1,000 trees have been planted in Agria’s name, in community spaces across the UK – enhancing the environment and providing species helpful to local wildlife 🌳

📜 We have introduced paperless communications and now more than 80% of our policy documentation is sent electronically 📜

🍵 By switching from kettles to boiling water taps – we save energy with every cup of tea we make… 🍵

According to insights from DEFRA, if everybody in the UK stopped using a kettle, we could save an astonishing 1,270,000,000 kWh of electricity per year. This is enough electricity to run all the street lighting in the UK. 

Kettles waste energy on many levels. Design flaws mean that heat loss occurs through the body of the kettle. Overfilling loses 25% of energy. A survey by the Energy Saving Trust found that 67% of people in the UK admit to overfilling their kettle each time they use it. 

According to a BBC report, our habit of overfilling a kettle leads to an energy cost of a staggering £68 million each year. 

However, on average, a boiling water tap holds enough water to produce 25 cups of tea per hour. The water is contained in a heavily insulated tank and uses heat-exchange technology to re-use waste heat. Therefore, only uses the hot water needed, and no energy releases through the system. 

While a small change, a boiling water tap can be part of a sustainable office environment. 

💡 By switching to intelligent LEDs, we only use the light and energy we need 💡

This has been especially important over this past year with only limited staff using certain areas of our office building. Unused areas don’t need lighting – and as our intelligent system only works where our team members are, no energy is wasted.

An old fashioned 100 watt bulb gives off over 300kg CO2e every year. LED bulbs only emit 15kg CO2e in the same time.

Lighting alone can account for as much as 35% of the average business’ electricity consumption.

Traditional lighting loses almost 95% of its energy simply just by producing heat. With LEDs, this figure drops to just 5%.

Low energy lighting leads to lower electricity use = lower carbon emissions - so Agria’s intelligent system is a huge plus, both in cost savings and carbon reduction.


♻ We reuse, recycle and compost all that we can in the office, from tea bags to carrier bags, from food waste to crisp packets ♻

🌼 We may not insure them, but we know how important our bees are to everything 🌼

So, we have distributed at least 3000 packets of seeds in Bee Friendly packs to the vets we work with direct to their practices and at events, to help them to create areas to help their local bees.

We started off with a wildflower mixture and are now using California poppy seeds.  We have supported the British Bee Veterinary Association for a number of years and are delighted to have our very own ‘Queen Bee’, Susie, in our team – who knows all there is to know about bees and is a key member of the Ulster Beekeepers Association!


And we still have more to do! In fact, we won’t stop on our sustainability journey until we have done everything that we can to make Agria the best it can be for the planet, us, and our wonderful pets 🌍