Puppy teenage training

You may start to notice as your dog heads towards becoming an adolescent (six months plus) their training seems to go out the window... sounds familiar?

This isn’t your dog being rebellious but is simply to do with teenage hormones kicking in, and smells, other dogs, and anything that moves, become far more appealing than you!

Up until now, you have been the most important and exciting thing in your puppy’s life but now, there’s a whole world out there to explore! You may find upping your treat value can help reinforce your training.

Try using something different and even more tasty and reserve these only for when you are out and about when there are things that you think your dog maybe distracted by. You need to stay important (and provide tasty snacks!) to be worth coming back to, away from that other playful dog or pile of poop. Keep practicing and don’t give up! If you think your dog is going to run away when they are off-lead, consider the use of a training line to help give you peace of mind whilst practicing your recalls.

There's a lot of choice when it comes to high-value treats - from homecooked delicious liver morsels or chicken, to pre-made delights! Our friends at Natures Menu have a great selection of treats for your tearaway teenager - you can find them here!

Thank you to Natures Menu for contributing this article. To find out more about their puppy and dog food, click here.

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