Still puppy food or time to change?

As your puppy reaches their fifth month, it's very important to feed them the right diet

Whether they're a miniature breed who finishes the majority of growing at six months, or a giant breed who still has a lot of growing to do, your puppy is still going through important developmental changes that require the correct balance of nutrients.

Depending on the food you feed, you may be able to start progressing onto adult food, however, always check with your food manufacturer for the best advice as all brands differ. Continue to take your puppy to your local veterinary practice for regular weigh-ins as overweight puppies tend to grow into overweight adults, when excess weight becomes far more difficult to shift.

Ensure you feed your dog to keep them in a lean, healthy condition. If you find your dog finishes his food very quickly and still appears hungry after, try feeding in a slow feeder, slow bowl or food rewarding toy. Encouraging dogs to slow down as they eat improves mental stimulation and can help to feel them satisfied for longer.  

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