Why plant trees?

Here at Agria we love being green and as part of our efforts to reduce our environmental impact, we plant lots of trees!

Trees have enormous benefits to our planet and they form a key part of our sustainability efforts.

You may have already know that trees remove carbon from the air, but they do so much more!

Trees are vital for the health of the soil in which they grow. They help to put back nutrients into the ground, which increases soil fertility. This provides more productive growing conditions for plants and crops too, and also helps to stabilise the top soil, helping to prevent land slide and future erosion. Healthy soil is also a big natural carbon sink, so as well as absorbing carbon themselves, trees help the soil to sequester more carbon too.

When trees are native to their environment they form a crucial part of the ecosystem, providing habitat and shelter for wildlife and restoring biodiversity too. By planting more trees - the right ones in the right places - we are helping to protect and preserve habitats for existing wildlife populations.

Having access to green, natural spaces is equally important to us humans too. Trees help to purify our air and can reduce levels of pollution, but they also give us space to connect with nature, exercise and take some time out of our busy lives.

So next time you see a mighty oak tree or a tiny little sapling, take a moment to appreciate all of the amazing things trees can do for us, our pets and our planet.

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