Kennel Club & Agria demystifies pet insurance for new owners

KC PI Guide imageCrufts 2012 sees the launch of the new Kennel Club pet insurance guide for dog owners – designed to help them choose the right pet insurance to best meet the needs of their dog .

The Kennel Club, in collaboration with insurance specialists – Agria Pet Insurance already provide 4 weeks free cover for puppies registered with the Kennel Club but wanted to develop the simple, easy-to-understand guide to help owners make the right choice once their complimentary cover expired.

With so many different pet insurance policies available, choosing one can be a bewildering, frustrating experience – the guide has been designed to help dog owners new and experienced, understand how pet insurance works and explains the different policies and what they cover so they can make the right choice first time.

March 2012


Notes for editors:

Kennel Club 4 Weeks Free Puppy Insurance is administered by Agria Pet Insurance Ltd & underwritten by Agria International Forsakring AB. Agria is one of the leading animal insurers in the world, dominates the Scandinavian animal insurance sector, insured its first horse in 1890 & enjoys strong relations with vets, breeders & other animal organisations.

Agria also provides the Kennel Club Pet Insurance.