4 weekd free insurance

Kennel Club Pet Insurance announces improved 4 weeks free insurance for breeders


Puppy Insurance cover shotFrom July, breeders activating 4 Week Free Insurance policies from the Kennel Club will find the process faster and simpler, while owners will benefit from a greater choice of Lifetime cover options and lower premiums.

Faster 4 Weeks Free Puppy Insurance activation

In a move to help breeders activate puppy cover more efficiently, activating a Kennel Club 4 Weeks Free insurance policy can now be completed online in under 2 minutes. Setting up a policy simply requires the puppy’s Kennel Club registration number to be entered, which will have been issued when the litter was registered. This number brings every detail needed for the policy directly across from the Kennel Club.

As well as saving time, activating cover online also removes any risk of inaccuracies during set up. The other benefit during the busy handover period is that the control is with the breeder to arrange puppy cover at the time of day or night that suits them – as far as seven days before the puppy is collected. And by supplying their email address to the breeder, the new owners’ policy documentation will be sent directly to them.MR_SUNSHINE_at_WKC

Said breeder of Dialynne Beagles, Diana Spavin who uses the KC 4 weeks free puppy insurance: “I like the KC’s free insurance because it’s easy to do with the KC [registration] number at any time, up to a week before they are due to go. I activated the insurance online at 10 o’clock at night last time, which was handy because I could plan ahead and do it properly; instead of doing it on the day they were leaving which can be a rush. It’s just nice to know that they have some insurance from the moment they leave me with the new owners”.

Affordable policies to suit owners needs and budgets

The Kennel Club has also launched a new range of cover options with flexible, reduced premiums designed to make continuing on to a lifetime insurance policy a more affordable option for all new puppy owners.

The Kennel Club’s unique ‘pick ‘n’ mix’ range of options allows owners to select or decline features depending on their own specific needs. By excluding benefits not required, such as overseas travel cover, owners can see their premiums drop significantly. This change makes true lifetime cover more affordable than ever, and new owners continuing a 4 Week Free policy online can do so quickly and simply using the puppy’s existing policy number.

June 2013


Notes for editors:

Kennel Club 4 Free Puppy Insurance is administered by Agria Pet Insurance Ltd & underwritten by Agria International Forsakring AB. Agria is one of the leading animal insurers in the world, dominates the Scandinavian animal insurance sector, insured its first horse in 1890 & enjoys strong relations with vets, breeders & other animal organisations.

Agria also provides the Kennel Club Pet Insurance.