Meet Agria’s Game of Thrones stars…

At Agria, as well as all the wonderful pet cats, dogs and rabbits we insure, we also cover lots of working, agility and obedience dogs, therapy animals – and some that are stars of the stage and screen!

If, like most of us in the Agria office, you’re a fan of the incredible Game of Thrones, you can’t fail to have noticed the stunning canine stars, the Direwolves, Odin and Thor, played by Summer and Greywind. Well, we have the great honour of insuring them!

We’re delighted that their owner, Will, chose us to take care of such mega stars and thought we’d take the opportunity to find out a bit more about our most famous customers…


Q. Summer and Greywind are such striking dogs – they must have been beautiful puppies. Have you had them right from the beginning?

A. Yes, we got them when they were seven weeks old. It was just three weeks later when the breede    r called us to say that some TV show wanted to use them! We had no idea what Game of Thrones was but we were happy to find out more to see if it would be a good thing for them to get involved. Once we heard about the nature of the series and how they would be included and cared for, we were very happy for them to take part. 

Q. So that’s how they got into acting? 

A. Yes. The series was being filmed in Ireland and as the only Northern Inuits in the country, they were in the right place at the right time. They looked just like wolf pups so were exactly what the director was looking for.

Q. What happened next?

A. Once they were signed up, Summer and Greywind were taken to Belfast for training so they were away from the distractions of being at home with me! They had a great time and had a lot of attention from their co-stars, especially during their morning walks around the studios.

Q. Do you think they enjoyed being part of such a huge series?

A. Yes. It was a great experience for them; having specialist training plus lots of attention and lots of treats! And now, even though they have retired from filming Game of Thrones, they’re a major attraction on our Game of Thrones locations tours, so get to meet hundreds of fans of the show – so it’s not over.

Q. How did they get on with the human stars of the show?

A. Incredibly well. In fact, when they were puppies I was asked by a few of the actors if they could buy them! Even though it’s seven years since Summer and Greywind were involved in filming, many of the actors are still in touch to find out how they are doing.

Q. Do you have any funny stories from their time as actors? 

A. When filming was taking place at one of the forest locations, their trainer couldn’t find them anywhere. They then realised that some of the young actors were also missing, and eventually tracked the puppies down to one of the actor’s trailers where they and the puppies were having a great time playing together!

Q. It must be hard work being gorgeous and famous. How do Summer and Greywind like to relax? 

A. They love the simple things in life. Chewing on a fresh bone on the balcony overlooking the Irish sea from our coastal home in Ireland, and running on the local beaches and through the forests. 

Q. Do they have another production in the pipeline? 

A. They have a lot of time taken up meeting their fans on tour, as well as some modelling and the occasional fashion photoshoot! For now, they are very happy with this, their internet fame and taking part in the odd chat show!

You can see Summer and Greywind as Direwolves Odin and Thor in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, and keep up with them on their website at, Twitter GOT_Direwolves and Facebook page, @GOTDirewolves