Meet Agria’s Rabbit Awareness Week Mascots!

It’s the first day of Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW), created by Burgess Pet Care and we are delighted to introduce our two fabulous mascots for the week, Snowy and Shiver!

Snowy and Shiver are Lionhead rabbits owned by Agria’s Shelley, and her children, eleven-year-old Mia and Louis who’s nine. Sisters Snowy and Shiver are eight months old and have been with the family since February.

Our mascots are proud to fly the flag for Agria’s sponsorship of RAW – a week that’s dedicated to spreading messages about the health, welfare and well-being of the UK’s four million pet rabbits. This year’s #HoptoHay campaign will focus on the importance of high-quality feeding hay and fresh grass in rabbits’ diets to support health, diet and rabbit.

Rabbits have complex dietary requirements and need 85-90% of high-quality feeding hay and fresh grass in their diets. Without the right amount of feeding hay and fresh grass, rabbits are at serious risk of developing health problems.

As we see with Snowy and Shiver, rabbits can make exceptional pets, however, sadly for many, despite owners’ best intentions, they sometimes don’t have everything they need for optimum wellbeing. So, this week is all about what owners can do to give their rabbits a safe, healthy and fulfilling life, and have the best time with them as a consequence!

During the week, we’re offering a hoptastic 3 months half price on all new Agria rabbit policies, so if you have bunnies yourself make sure you get in touch to take advantage of this very special offer by calling 03330 30 82 92.

And do share your rabbit images with us on Facebook and Twitter – we’d love to see as many happy bunnies as possible this week!