Helen Finnie

Meet the Team – Helen Finnie

Meet Helen Finnie – Customer Services Manager

helen - photoOur customers and the vets we work with often comment on the amazing people we have working at Agria Pet Insurance. We make sure our team is full of people who are not only great at their jobs, but have a genuine love of pets and empathy with their owners. And we’d like you to get to know them…

This month, we’re introducing Helen Finnie, who’s worked at Agria for just over seven years. As our Customer Services Manager, Helen looks after a team of ten staff dealing with all calls from existing customers regarding their policies or any claims they may be making.

Q. What was your previous job?

A. I was a Training Manager at Tesco. I worked at various stores and was also involved in development projects and new initiatives for the business as a whole.

Q. Why do you like working at Agria?

A. Because of the people. We all get on exceptionally well and are supported by a great management team. It really is a fantastic place to work.

Q. What’s the best thing about your job?

A. Probably the fact that I’m always busy. We work really hard to make sure that customers receive an outstanding level of service, whatever their query – so we take time to make sure that every issue or question is dealt with properly.

Q. And the most challenging part?

A. Being so committed to giving a high quality service means we have to carefully manage the numbers of staff available to answer calls. We never want to keep customers waiting, so predicting peaks and troughs in calls is essential, and managing this can be a challenge.

Q. What did you want to be when you were a child?

A.  I always quite liked the idea of being a secretary. Either that or on the stage!

Q. What was your first ever job?

A. My first job was as a waitress in a restaurant in Aylesbury. All of my jobs since have involved customer service – I really enjoy that element of work.

Q. What kind of pet do you have?

A. I have two dogs who are both Jack Russell cross Lakeland Terriers. Wallace is nine and Harry’s five. They get on really well together and although Harry’s very noisy he does a great job of keeping Wallace young!

Q. Does your pet have any special talents?

A. Harry is a real specialist at finding tennis balls. We walk near a tennis club and he finds every single one that’s hidden in the hedge – we have a huge collection! Wallace is just talented at being very friendly and cuddly.

Working with Agria

Agria is committed to developing products and services that satisfy the changing needs of pet owners and the many organisations that support them. You and your clients will benefit from:

  • Veterinary qualified claims team
  • Fast and efficient claims process
  • Claims settled directly to the client or even to your practice
  • Locally based service team with knowledge of UK veterinary practices