Agria supports PUP AID 2013


Agria Pet Insurance is joining the fight against puppy farming by sponsoring this year’s Pup Aid 2013.

The event, which takes place in Primrose Hill, North London on Saturday 7th September aims to raise awareness of, and put an end to the horrific practice by encouraging pet lovers to sign a petition that will see the ban of puppies without their mother being present.    

Said Pup Aid Founder Marc Abrahams, “On behalf of my PupAid team I’m thrilled that Agria Pet Insurance are sponsoring this event and helping to raise much needed awareness about the UK’s horrific puppy farming industry.”

Agria is the exclusive insurance provider to the Kennel Club, including the 4 weeks free insurance which launched a new, faster activation process for breeders as well as a new range of Lifetime Pet Insurance, with reduced premiums making it even easier for new owners to insure their puppies than ever before.

It is also one of the leading pet insurers in the world, as well as one of the oldest; writing its first animal policy in 1890. Today, Agria dominates Scandinavia and began insuring UK pets in 2009. The company is built on strong partnerships with vets, breeders and other divisions within the animal owning community.

September 2013

Notes for editors:

Kennel Club 4 Free Puppy Insurance is administered by Agria Pet Insurance Ltd & underwritten by Agria International Forsakring AB. Agria is one of the leading animal insurers in the world, dominates the Scandinavian animal insurance sector, insured its first horse in 1890 & enjoys strong relations with vets, breeders & other animal organisations.

Agria also provides the Kennel Club Pet Insurance.